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Lost Boy(s)

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Rememberingwalt’s Get to Know Me(me) [x]

6 Songs - You Can Fly! (Peter Pan, 1953)


These are the Things That Lost Boys Do

Taken by youbeleoandillbedicaprio

But Peter, how do we get to Neverland? Fly of course!

Hello everyone! I finally got to see the Peter Pan statue in Kensington Gardens :)


Tinker Bell - Animator’s collection

One of my first concept drawings of the Tinker Bell animator doll I designed, and the finished product. :)


Silent Auction - 

If you are in the LA area. 

I have donated the above piece for auction. Pencil on paper 13 1/2 “X 16 1/2”.

Other artists included in the auction are Glen Keane, Eric Goldberg, Claire Keane and many other hugely talented folks. Come show your support for a good cause. 

A way to preview some of the great art that will be at art auction in benefit for Simon Chung who is battling cancer.

Auction will be held at the Animation Guild in Burbank California on August 22, 2014 starting from 6:30pm to 9:00pm. Anyone interested is welcome to come! 

1105 N. Hollywood Way, burbank ca 91505

more info here:

any questions? email here:


I bought a third copy of Peter Pan because the cover art was cool. And it was 49p.


Peter Pan puzzle, 1953


Xeroxes of Frank Thomas' pencil animation for Captain Hook from Peter Pan (1953).